I love books.  I can’t remember a time when I didn’t have my nose in a book.  At school, I could escape the horrors of the playground; during the holidays I was transported off to different times and places; as an adult I collect old and battered books and  try to restore them, but they hold even more importance for me.  Seven years ago I developed nerve damage on my back which caused me to suffer constant chronic pain.  Often awake at night, feeling miserable and totally befuddled with pain killers I went back to my old favourite books by Agatha Christie, like a comfortable jumper, I found a distraction to the world I had found myself in.  When a friend talked about the Rita Mae Brown Mrs Murphy mystery books, I thought I’d give them ago and I haven’t looked back.  My name is Nicola and I collect mysteries!

There is a genre of books that are written in a similar form to Agatha Christie, often set in a small town where the hero (or more often heroine) is a valued member of the community – a post mistress, a PR whizz, a baker, bear makers, florists, a chocolatier, a barista, tea shop owner, pet sitter, psychic, ghost hunter, witch, a needlework shop owner, a journalist – spurred to look into the murders.  Sometimes they are even helped by talking animals like Joe in the Shirley Rousseau Murphy books, or the cats/dogs play a part in discovering clues like Louie in the Carole Nelson Douglas and Rita Mae Brown books.

Whoever the heroine and wherever they are set, they feature a complex web of plots, a huge cast of characters, not too much gore, but a lot of fun.  A modern Agatha Christie novel, but often dismissed as cozy books.

I was given a book journal for Christmas and have been writing my own reviews, but I soon filled the book and decided to detail what I have read here.  As well as the books I am reading at the moment (Ghouls Gone Wild – Victoria Laurie), I’ll add reviews of those that I have already read too.