Before I start talking about books, I wanted to briefly point out what makes a good mystery book.

Some researchers have discovered a formula within the Agatha Christie books which explains why her stories are so popular and you start of thinking that you’ll just read one chapter and the next thing you know you are halfway through the books.    They called it the Agatha Christie Code.  It is based on the theory that the conscious mind can only focus on 5-9 things at once, and when there is more than that the mind can’t track everything so the person literally goes into a hypnotic trance – which is why you find yourself reading at 3am!  Agatha Christie used more than 9 characters, each one having an individual plot line happening at the same time, so the reader’s mind is overloaded and literally gets lost in the book.  She also repeated certain words or phrases and she even gives the feeling that we are racing through the book by having shorter paragraphs at the end and more descriptive ones at the beginning.

When I read a mystery book, often the most important thing – along with a likable main character and good plot, is that you can’t figure out who the murderer is and you discover the clues along with the heroine.

So, make yourself a cup of tea, curl up with the cat and read with me.