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Definitely Dead

This book relies on you having read the short story ‘One Word Answer’.   I am not a fan of authors who put key plot info into short stories, as if you come late to the series you rarely bother with short stories and end up confused.  It would have been so easy to put in a sentence explaining that not only had Hadley (Sookie’s drug addict cousin) been murdered, but she was also Sophie-Anne’s (Queen of Louisiana) lover and  had been turned into a vampire.  Of course, that would be too simple and we really need to have eleventy unnecessary descriptions of Sookie making coffee.  Gah.  ‘Definitely Dead’ centres around Sookie’s visit to New Orleans to tie up Hadley’s estate.

In New Orleans, Sookie befriends Hadley’s landlady, Amelia, who also happens to be a witch.  Of course Bill and Eric aren’t too far behind and Bill (with a bit of pressure from Eric) admits that Hadley had boasted to the Queen about Sookie’s powers, who in turn ordered Bill to spy on Sookie using whatever means necessary, seducing her was a bonus.  Come on, did anyone think that Bill was a good guy?

Her problems from Bon Temps follow her as she and Quinn (who she is now dating) get kidnapped.  Now, guess who is behind the kidnapping … go on, guess…? It’s the Pelts!  Of course it is, because a family who tortures together, stays together.  After a fight, they end up having a (not so) civilised chat where Sookie admits that she killed Debbie and the Pelts pinky swear that they will keep Sandra under control and curb her murderous intentions – right, because that’ll stop her.  This story line is getting old, but knowing Harris, she is going to continue to flog it. *yawn*

The political marriage of Sophie-Anne and Peter Threadgill (King of Arkanas) spectacularly falls apart, culminating in a bloody fight.  During the fight Eric kisses Sookie before she witnesses Threadgill being killed by Sophie-Anne’s friend/bodyguard, Andre.  Bill then saves her life and she escapes with a wounded Quinn.  At the apartment, Bill declares his love for Sookie and she storms back to Bon Temps along with, Alicia and Bob, a fellow witch, who she had turned into a cat during sex (!).

I was so glad when this book ended.  Usually when an established series is set elsewhere, it adds a little extra, but no.  It was boring.  The book seems to be sorting out different plotlines that needed to be cleared up.  In short,

  1. Sookie had to have an interim boyfriend after Bill and
  2. find out that she had fairy blood which is why every supernatural being is all lusty after her and
  3. that Sophie Anne had known about that (thanks Hadley) which is why
  4. Bill went to Bon Temps on her orders and ‘fallen in love’ with Sookie.
  5. The Pelt situation also had to be resolved (but we all know that it hasn’t)
  6. There is a new superbeing in the mix – Amelia the witch!

These books are now following a predictable pattern and I wonder how many people would read these books if it wasn’t for True Blood?


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