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Did you know that the most common New Year’s Resolution is to lose weight?  However, just because you want to lose a few pounds, doesn’t mean that you should deprive yourself as you often end up craving that food, making it even harder to keep to the diet.

Cocktails have a whole load of empty calories, relying on sugar syrups, cream and sugar dipped fruit – no wonder they are so yummy!  This is where Skinnytinis can come to your aid.  These cocktail recipes give you do-able alternatives to your regular ‘full fat’ versions. Some of them are substituting diet versions of coke, ginger ale etc as well as sugar free syrups and light fruit juices.  There are traditional recipes such as the Skinny Fuzzy Navel (115 cals), while there are more modern recipes using flavoured vodkas like the Candy Apple Martini (147 cals) is yummy.

The book also gives you advice on how to cut the calories when you are on a night out as well activities that will help you lose weight.  You can also go to the website where you can find out the calories of your favourite tipple.

This is a fun book with great Bewitched style graphics.  If you like making your own cocktails, it will give you some ideas on how to cut the calories.  Of course, there will never be an alternative for the cream laden White Russian, but there are lots of other options available to help you have a healthier night out.  Remember, a little of what you fancy does you good!

This book was sent to me to review.

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