This book is light hearted, but it is not a light book.  It tackles many of the obstacles aspiring authors set up and blows them away with the kindness (and bluntness) of a friend.  There are writing exercises that help you face your fears and tear them down as well as help to clarify your plans.

A note of caution, if you don’t like swearing or feel the need to star out the offending letters of ‘bad’ words, then this book is not for you. Come on, the title should give you a clue!  As someone who is prone to the odd f-bomb myself, I found that the language used added to the experience.  Sometimes you need someone to tell you to cut the crap and own your shit – and this is the book for it.

After finishing the book and diligently going through the exercises I felt that I had a better grasp of what I wanted to write.  Sometimes you need someone to alert you to the obstacles you have unwittingly put up and this is what this book did for me.  I really enjoyed the style and would love to have cocktails with the authors, thank you ladies!