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I was in the disturbing quandary of not having any new books left to read, so I went onto the various online booksellers to see which books have been recommended and this was one of them

Brenna moves from Boston to a small town where she works in her friend’s paper shop specialising in decoupage.  She soon discovers the mayor’s body shoved in a trunk and her friend and landlord is being accused of the murder, so to save him and her sanity, she decides to do some investigating herself along with her best friend.

In some books, rather than establishing a character that the reader has an immediate affinity for, sometimes author do the opposite and introduce a character that is so annoying and infuriating that it serves just as well as a tool to feel empathy for the main character.  In this book, we are introduced to Ella and Marie Porter, senior citizen twins who are bent on bickering, one-upmanship and behaviour that would warrant them to me put on the naughty step and have their toys confiscated.  I am not sure if I actually felt empathy for Brenna with having to deal with these monsters and instead sped read over those paragraphs instead.

I liked this book, the story line was interesting with a good twist at the end (even though it felt a little rushed).  I am not sure if this was a deliberate ploy by the author, but  you often felt like an outsider to the community like Brenna – instead of say, the Hannah Swensen books where you are thrown into town life and enveloped by the characters – and so I wasn’t too keen on this, but I am interested enough in the characters to get the next book.

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