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I am currently sifting through my backlog of book review notes and this is one that I had read last Halloween (it seemed fitting!).  I had strayed from the cozy genre into paranormal with the hope of finding a new series of books to capture my attention…

This was the first book in a year or so where I seriously thought about stopping it, but I soldiered on.  Joy and her friend Roxy go to Eastern Europe where Roxy is in search of the “Dark Ones”, – vampires that she has read about in a book (irritation no.1).  Joy who doesn’t believe in vampires, for a couple of chapters at least, starts to get visions in a pub, when 2 men walk in – it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that one was a regular man and the other was a ‘vampire’ (irritation no.2)

Roxy is obsessed with sex and the vampire and frustratingly the author didn’t give her any depth or redeeming features – someone somewhere should have told her to grow the fuck up and get over her groupie fantasies (irritation no.3).

Soon Joy starts shagging Raphael a head of security, cue skin crawlingly awful sex scenes, (irritation no.4) not to mention that despite her comments about safe sex in the first few chapters, she doesn’t seem to care that the condom split.

Irritations 5 to 30… The plot felt lacklustre as it was obvious who the serial killer was when he walked into the bar; there were also more awful sex scenes and the concept of the Dark Ones felt embarrassingly fan girl as was Roxy’s reaction to the vampires. I had such hopes for this book because of all the reviews and I went from hoping that it was just a ‘slow starter’ to just wanting to get it over and done with as soon as possible.  It really wasn’t my cup of tea.  However if you like Chick Lit, then this might be for you.

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